We work with people we like on products we love.


We want to work with people we like on products we love.

The products we develop are supposed to make life easier for people and the world a bit better. Technologically, our focus is on data science and creative tech. In recent years, the people in our team collected professional experiences in a large variety of fields including travel, fintech, professional services and hardware development. If, at some point, there aren't enough people with a specific skillset in our team, we can rely on the support of our large network of partners and freelancers.

If you want to work with us, you shouldn't expect the next agency carrying out a project with you. We want to be involved from the very beginning and contribute our own ideas and methods in order to build something really cool with you. You should be willing to work agile and MVP-based (minimum viable product) with us. Of course we're happy to support you with that. The people in our team work decentralized, which means we won't sit in your office on a daily basis. Our office is Slack, Hangouts etc.

For us, projects don't have a lifespan, because we think that there's always something to do when you want to build a great product. Usually, we start the development of a product in an ideation session with you. Together, we deliberate on your product and consider what the collaboration could look like. After this initial workshop, we will send you a proposal explaining our suggestions for further approach.Usually, this will be a concept with milestones how we can build a great minimum viable product. After developing the MVP, we frequently recommend the stepwise integration of the product into your in-house IT team. That way, we avoid long-term dependencies and we can focus on what we are best at: rapid development of cool new products.

The most important thing for us is our team. That's why we set ourselves high standards for employee participation, salary, working time and so on. Further information on these topics you can find in our mission statement.

We won't be wearing suits, we'll try not to bullshit and if we think your idea sucks, we're going to tell you exactly that. That's what we consider seriös.

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You want to work with us?


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