Ingenious & serious fun.


seriöse Gesellschaft means modern tech, products and prototypes. And cool people.

From apps and wearables to small autonomous robots, we build products that make this world a better place and your life a little easier. Creative Technology, Custom Hardware, UX and Machine Learning are no mere buzzwords to us, but our area of expertise. And we love it.

Brains in gear & down to business.

With us, there’s no project lifespan and no bullshit. We want to develop something cool with you, from initial idea to finished product. Speaking in terms of working methods, we focus on a MVP, we work decentralized and we use agile methods. That’s what we call seriös.

Want to build a product with us?


Lilith Wittmann

+49 162 2132393

Saving the best for last: our team.

What matters most to us is our team. That’s why we have very high standards regarding salaries, adherence to working hours, and other stuff. Find out more in our Mission Statement. 

Curious about our team? Here’s a quick who's whoOr visit us in our Hamburg office or let’s meet at the next conference. We’ll publish the upcoming dates here.

To those of you who are interested in working with us either as a partner or as a team colleague, we recommend you also take a look at our job page

Where to find us


dsG - serioese GmbH

Am Inselpark 17, 21109 Hamburg
+49 162 2132393