So you want to work with us?

You want to develop a product with us?

This text is only an automatic translation of some text we actually wanted to rewrite before the "relaunch" but forgot.

Cooperation means open and above all honest communication. Our partners can count on us to develop a product that we think is really cool. In other words, we propose innovative solutions that we are convinced of. This also means that our partners receive honest feedback on their ideas. Even if the ideas differ from each other. The result is products with which our partners are happy and behind which we can stand. This also works because all the people in the team are also involved in the development process, thereby keeping our communication channels as short as possible.

This is how we make sure that our partners get what they really want.

Developing products with the sG

We help our partners to find solutions to technological challenges. Our core concepts of the development process are open customer communication and agile methods. If you're interested  just contact Lilith:


Lilith Wittmann

+49 162 2132393

You're looking for a job?

We're not actually looking to hire. And if we are, we find you, not the other way round. Unless you're really skilled at designing. Then you might want to get in contact.

Team Members