Mission Statement

We want to work with people we like on products we love.

We want to represent the diversity of society in order to develop products that all of our customers enjoy.That's why we promote diversity in our team. A fair and transparent payment system is essential. We think even our best people shouldn’t earn more than double of what people get who are just starting out. That's why the upper limit to our salaries is the lowest salary in our team times two. All salaries are transparent to everyone in the team.

Our top priority is for the people in our team to be happy with what we do. That's why the team decides, if we want to realize a product or not, and whether we want to collaborate with a customer. We refuse to work with customers from the arms industry, pharmaceutical industry or companies with an unambiguously right-wing political conviction. If a customer behaves inappropriately towards one of our colleagues, the protection of our colleague has the highest priority to us.

To keep our colleagues content is the main objective of the company. It's the associate's function to remove obstacles, to continuously improve the work routine, to support the personal development of the colleagues, especially their further education and to grant adherence to maximum working hours. Performance-based compensation is out of the question, because we believe that our colleagues do the best they can to contribute to the success of the company. We don't consider the legally guaranteed co-determination to be sufficient and we are going to find a way to align the Works Council Constitution Act and a works council (we support the establishment of) with our mission statement.

It's our goal to develop products that our customers love and that make the world a little bit better. On the way, we are going to develop products in collaboration with customers, because we want to stay as independent from external investors as possible. We want to work with our customers on their products as if they were our own. Sincere and transparent communication is vital for us.

We find team-based decisions to be essential for our concern. That's why we want to decide as much as possible together. If a decision only affects a certain team, we want them to be able to decide as autonomously as possible. However, grassroot democratic methods often reach their limits very fast - especially in our current capitalist system. For these cases, the associates reserve their right to make decisions based on the majority principle (according to corporate share). In addition, the associates reserve the right to veto a decision made by the team that they assume to inflict major damages to the company or is incompatible with their conscience. If the associate's vote is a tie the colleagues have a say in that matter.