Mission Statement

- We want to work with people we like on products we love. -

We believe in diversity.

We value diversity in our team because it represents as many groups as possible in our society – which enables us to build products that all of our customers enjoy.

We want to develop products our customers will love - products that will make your life easier and this world a better place.

Along the way we will develop products together with our clients, since we mean to stay as independent of external investors as possible.

We want to work with a customer on their product as if it were our own.

in doing so, we deem an honest and transparent communication indispensable

A fair and transparent pay is essential.

We believe that even the best people should not have a salary which more than doubles that of a newcomer. That is why the upper limit for our salaries is the lowest salary in our team times 2.

We assume that everyone is doing their best to contribute to our business success. For this reason we do not have a performance-based salary.

All salaries are transparent to everyone in the team.

Our upmost priority: our team is happy with what we do.

We decide as a team whether to develop a product and whether to work with a customer or not.

Clients with a background of arms production, clients from the pharmaceutical industry and any company with unambiguous right-wing views are principally excluded from any cooperation with us.

Should a customer behave inappropriately towards any of our colleagues, the protection of our colleague will always have highest priority.

The primary objective of the company is to maintain the happiness of its associates.

  • Shareholders have the duty to:

    • Remove obstacles in the way

    • Continually improve the work routine of colleagues

    • Promote the personal development of colleagues, in particular their further education

    • Ensure adherence to maximum working hours