We are behind all of this.


Who is this Seriöse Gesellschaft?

At the heart of the seriöse Gesellschaft is a team of professionals from different cultural backgrounds and with expertise in a variety of fields. These include travel, fin tech, professional services and hardware development. And should we ever need reinforcement, we can always rely on our large network of partners and freelancers.

For us, our team comes first. This is why we have set ourselves high standards regarding salary, observance of working hours, and more. Read more in our Mission Statement.

But enough abstract talking. Let’s introduce ourselves..



Markus is responsible for everything hardware related at the seriöse Gesellschaft. He's got all the skills you need to prototype a cool hardware product. From designing, chemical etching, assembling a PCB to designing and printing 3D prototypes - Markus does it. In his free time you can usually find him at the CCC hacker space in Hamburg where he takes care of the next generation of hackers.



Some people call Simon "totally nerdy" because he likes to engage in obscure functional programming languages. If necessary he also writes code in Python. He especially enjoys crazy projects with a lot of learning potential. That's why after dropping out of university, finishing a vocational training and enrolling at the university again he decided to be a serious developer and to code anything that's kind of cool.



Eliah develops apps for Android on our site, but also likes things like Python or JavaScript. In the last years he spent most of his time in web development or was in charge of production control, data analysis and statistics.

When he's not working and his sleeping pattern isn't too twisted, he spends his remaining time in political activism or travels somewhere in the world.



Mel is our whirlwind that never sits on just one project because it has to be diverse! During her computer science studies, she went from Android development through network technology to project management. During her studies she mainly dealt with Data-Sciende and AI.
With us she is primarily concerned with management tasks, because someone who is set up so broadly digs less deep, but can look quite far. Probably the reason why sweets disappear so fast in her radius, watch out!



Lilith has experienced start-ups, an agency, self-employment, and the Innovation Center of a Big-4 company in the last six years. She has worked in development, product ownership, consulting, and sales in one way or the other, but she didn't find true fulfillment in one of these departments, because sometimes she didn't really feel challenged, sometimes the work environment was just plain bad, and sometimes the orders were beyond questionable.

She and Lino conceived the idea of the seriöse Gesellschaft four years ago and after their last engagement at a Big-4 company they decided to finally try it. This is how the seriöse Gesellschaft was formed.



Lena writes code since the late 1980s, and has developed something for nearly every platform and language. During the last years, she specialized in Unity3d and native Android and iOS apps. Since her studies in media informatics, the desire to create images, audio, video and animation is still lurking inside her. If you let her, she will happily shave some Yaks and write a program which writes programs for her. And in her free time, you might find her at queer-feminist and/or hacker-oriented meetups, private construction sites or in the woods.

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